The Great Outdoors:

Our Top Hiking Trails In Kauai

Thriving nature is everywhere you look in Hawaii. So, it's not surprising that Hilton Garden Inn Kauai is near hiking trails and outdoor activities for all ages. Whether you're a professional trekker, or just want to take a leisurely beachfront stroll, there are plenty of options.

Kauai's Best Hikes:

Which nature walk should you choose? Kauai has hiking trails for every level. For beginners, we recommend Mahaulepu Heritage Trail on the South Shore and North Shore's Hanakapiai Beach Hike. If you're in the mood for a more challenging hike in Kauai, then check out Kalalau Trail, Okolehau Trail, and Hanakapiai Falls Hike. These three hikes will test your limits, but the stunning views are worth it!

Hanakapiai beach is the first 2 miles of the Kalalau trail. From the beach you can either go 2 miles upstream to Hanakapiai Falls or continue across the stream for the remaining 12 miles of the Kalalau trail. These hiking trails are more strenuous and not for beginners. Some good beginner hikes for the East side are the Kuilau Trail (6.9 miles) and Nounou Trail (Sleeping Giant). 


The Sleeping Giant...

At 1.7 miles away, Sleeping Giant Trail is the closest hike to Hilton Garden Inn Kauai. Running up Nounou Mountain, these forested trails extend 1,200 feet upwards until they reach the Sleeping Giant's rocky chest, where you'll be treated to a stunning 360° view. This hike is moderately difficult. 

  • Sleeping Giant Hike - East Side (1.7 miles)
  • Mahaulepu Heritage Trail - South Shore (19.4 miles)
  • Okolehau Trail - North Shore (24.4 miles)
  • Hanakapiai Falls Hike - North Shore (31.3 miles)
  • Kalalau Trail - North Shore (32.5 miles)
  • Waimea Canyon/Kokee State Park - West Side (35.7 miles)